CW-1Chris Weir’s interest in custom lettering developed when working as a graphic designer in London. Before computers became integral to the graphics industry, designers were expected to possess the highest standard of drawing and draughtsmanship skills for the purposes of presenting creative work.

Many years of creating designs, producing visuals, high finish roughs and final art for print also enabled Chris to develop an interest and understanding of how letterforms are created. By hand drawing thousands of typefaces using markers, brush and gouache, pen and ink, he gradually developed the skills required to be a lettering artist. It was during this period that Chris was also fortunate to spend several years working in the same studio as Letraset typeface designer Martin Wait, who generously imparted much of his knowledge and demonstrated many of his techniques.

Having previously established a varied and successful career in design, Chris has made it his business these days as a specialist creating bespoke lettering. He is aware each brand lettering project brings a different and unique set of challenges.  His belief  that the creative expertise he brings to brands and logos will clearly bring benefits to your brand project, continues to be recognised by a growing national and international clientele.